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Nextgen Billing Systems

Nextgen technologies' product suite is built using multi tier architecture to address demanding needs of application service providers and the end users. The suite comprises of the modules like product pricing, invoicing, settlement and customer support under single roof and can be customized to meet pricing needs.

Billing process is vital for any business so it needs to be handled efficiently, securely and in tune with other system components as well external interfaces that may be needed over time. Our product suite has capabilities to incorporate various factors as well inputs from external systems for creating service plans, billing and handling customer support more efficiently.


Nextgentechnolgies's product suite provides following features to enhance business efficiency:

  • Ability to communicate diverse range of external systems and interfaces enables business to grow and upgrade to new technologies even with legacy systems.
  • Intutive user interface and support for mobile devices enhances usability and accessibilty of system.
  • Enables you to decide and design new pricing and billing strategies to remain competitive with changing market demands.
  • State of art customer support modules gives flexibility to cope up with growing customer base and related challanges.

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