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CakePHP Development

Cake PHP Development- For Rapid Web Development

Cake PHP development is a boon for PHP developers, who want to quickly create web applications and websites. Cake PHP is an open source PHP framework. It is highly flexible and its salient features like MVC architecture, Association Data Mapping, Active Record and Front Controller allow the developers to craft rich and interactive web applications.

Cake PHP development speeds up overall coding process by reducing code repetition, which is a major shortcoming of the traditional PHP development platform. Thus Cake PHP development platform allows the developers to create responsive websites and applications in minimal time. In short with Cake PHP development, the clients or end users are assured of quicker development of their web applications/portals.

Benefits of Cake PHP

Cake PHP is based on the PHP platform but goes an extra mile to give the developers the finesse to create even more engaging and richer website/web apps, quickly and easily. They can easily customize their PHP application development process to create highly customer-centric applications that enhance user experience, without making the web applications costly. Following are the main benefits of utilizing Cake PHP development platform.

  • It is an open source, hence development costs are low
  • Facilitates rapid development of web application/ website, which lowers overall development costs
  • Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 versions of PHP platform
  • It is simple but secure web application development platform, which enables easy application development with uncompromised security features like in-built validation and data sanitization.
  • Bridges well with Ajax, JavaScript and HTML forms
  • Imparts higher degree of customization and extendibility to features of the web applications.
  • Provides robust web application structure, which ensures that applications behave in a logical and consistent manner.

Cake PHP Application Development @ Nextgen Technologies

Nextgen Technologies has expert Cake PHP application development team. The Cake PHP developers at our ODC develop and deploy wide range of web applications, which find their use in different areas like:

  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Website Content Management
  • Website /web application customization for better output/performance
  • Rich Internet Applications development

Nextgen Technologiess offers unparallel Cake PHP development services to its clients around the world. It takes to them the benefit of Indian ODC- high development quality at very competitive price. Nextgen Technologies provides quick and intelligent solutions for your online business or website so that you online business retains competitive edge and generates more revenues.

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