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Cloud Computing Solutions

The world is changing. A new reality is emerging for organizations of every size from every part of the planet. It’s called the cloud—a profound evolution of IT with revolutionary implications for business and society, creating new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible and collaborative computing models.
Nextgen is helping clients excel in cloud computing, providing secure and reliable Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.
Cloud computing will require an increased focus on community-driven innovation, capitalizing on the power of people both inside and outside the organization to define and create new offerings and services. It will demand “IT without boundaries”—systems and processes that break down traditional silos and simplify access to information in order to deliver better business outcomes. Cloud computing offers organizations dramatic increases in agility and efficiency—mandatory innovation to ensure speedy, cost-effective delivery of products and services.

This is the power of cloud computing.
Cloud computing is a new model of consuming and delivering IT and business services. It enables users to get what they need, as they need it—from advanced analytics and business applications to IT infrastructure and platform services, including virtual servers and storage. It can provide significant economies of scale and greater business agility, while accelerating the pace of innovation.

To realize the benefits of cloud computing while overcoming the inherent challenges, organizations must take a holistic approach.
Implementing a cloud computing model means encouraging innovation by simplifying and standardizing underlying infrastructure. It entails the creation of efficient yet flexible IT foundations that can support the development of new services and the consistent delivery of quality user experiences. And it demands a focus on ensuring interoperability, resiliency and security in an integrated fashion.

This is the value of cloud computing with Nextgen.
Cloud computing delivers SaaS-based Business Process Services, which improves productivity by enabling agile collaboration. Cloud also includes IaaS and PaaS services and solutions, which simplify the deployment and technology needed to build and manage cloud environments. Nextgen provides the expertise to migrate, design, build and deploy clouds and the new business models they enable. Leveraging thousands of cloud implementations and a growing ecosystem, Nextgen helps clients exploit the power of cloud computing to transform their businesses.

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