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Education & Training

Nextgen Technologies provides an end to end, cost-effective technology learning programs on various technology platforms with option to choose time and place convenient to our clients ( i.e. Client Site or Nextgen Office). Our training philosophy is simple and straight; training should extend beyond the classroom borders to holding hands and mentoring. It is more of knowledge enhancement where technology experts and senior architects from our team impart training in cutting edge technologies, to enable employees and clients develop complete SDLC solutions with our mentoring and support.

For Individual learners Nextgen Technologies offers extensive learning offerings and other learning programs/contents which will help you to enhance, upgrade and acquire the knowledge and skills you need to implement, administer or use on blended technological platforms. Nextgen technologies post training program goes above and beyond to, mentor and hand hold you to launch yourself in to competitive IT world and ensure that you are capable to pace up with dynamically changing IT world.

  • To see a listing of the entire learning program offered by Nextgen Technologies Inc, click Browse Catalog.
  • If you are not sure which course will meet your training need, simply call 1.408.380.3032 x103 or email training@nextgentechinc.com and our technical specialist will help you to customize learning program that meets your requirements.

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  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Advanced Microsoft Technology Program

Our Quality Assurance Program

Study of Different Software System Architecture

  • Single tier architecture
  • Multi tier architecture

Study of Different Types of Applications

  • Web based applications
  • Client server applications
  • E commerce applications
  • Data warehousing applications

Introduction to QA

  • QA practices and methodologies
  • Test plan and test design generation
  • Different phases of testing
  • Entrance and Exit criteria for each phase of the testing
  • Setting up the test environment

Testing Web Based Applications

  • Acceptance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Database validation testing
  • Integration testing

Introduction to Automation

  • Design of automation framework
  • Test candidates for automation
  • Data driven testing
  • Reading data from flat files, excel sheets
  • Reading data from database tables

Introduction to PL/SQL

  • DDL, DML and TCL
  • String Functions
  • Numeric functions
  • Date functions
  • Triggers and constraints
  • Cursors
  • Functions and procedures

Basics of UNIX

  • Unix commands

Our .NET Framework (Visual C#) Program

Overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Overview of Namespaces

Introduction to a Managed Execution Environment

  • Writing a .NET Application
  • Compiling and Running a .NET Application

Working with Components

  • An Introduction to Key .NET Framework Development Technologies
  • Creating a Simple .NET Framework Component
  • Creating a Simple Console Client
  • Creating an ASP.NET Client

Deployment and Versioning

  • Introduction to Application Deployment
  • Application Deployment Scenarios
  • Related Topics and Tools

Common Type System

  • An Introduction to the Common Type System
  • Elements of the Common Type System
  • Object-Oriented Characteristics

Working with Types

  • System.Object Class Functionality
  • Specialized Constructors
  • Type Operations
  • Interfaces
  • Managing External Types

Strings, Arrays and Collections

  • Strings
  • Terminology - Collections
  • .NET Framework Arrays
  • .NET Framework Collections

Delegates and Events

  • Delegates
  • Multicast Delegates
  • Events
  • When to Use Delegates, Events, and Interfaces

Memory and Resource Management

  • Memory Management Basics
  • Non-Memory Resource Management
  • Implicit Resource Management
  • Explicit Resource Management

Optimizing Garbage Collection

  • Data Streams and Files
  • Streams
  • Readers and Writers
  • Basic File I/O

Internet Access

  • Internet Application Scenarios
  • The WebRequest and WebResponse Model
  • Application Protocols
  • Handling Errors


  • Remoting and Web Services
  • Remoting
  • Remoting Configuration Files
  • Web Services


  • Serialization Scenarios
  • Serialization Attributes
  • Object Graph
  • Serialization Process

Serialization Example

  • Deserialization Example
  • Custom Serialization
  • Custom Serialization Example
  • Security Issues


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