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Flesh and flex Application Development is not a new concept for the Web and Desktop application users but it evolves with time and developments in other areas. For instance PHP used as back end for the front end Flash interface. Nextgen Technologies is not lagging behind is this race and had delivered robust applications based on Flash and Flax.

Dear readers many of you may not aware that HTML was designed to publish research papers and not to facilitate mission-critical computing tasks. Hence very scared expectations remain for robust and complex tasks.

The .NET, is likely to be future and mostly for Fortune 500 companies. Open sources are with their specialties fields and integrations with each others are in progress as their future for instant LAMP. One platform remains open for all large and small ones and that is Flash as application development.

Flash has every things that one rich programming interface should posses. From light weight vector drawing tools to animation capabilities to play in real time and finally all coding capacities derived from Action Scripting for both client sides to server side with PHP coding integration and now with iPhone in ultimate future. The biggest plus point for Flash is its player that is always browser compatible for any one and its free down load has reached up to 98% usage in net users.

Considering the above facts Nextgen Technologies has created highly motivated and experienced team of the Flashers and Flexors. This team will create and embed Graphs, Charts, Video, Sound, Data entry, Widgets and Animations in your engaging, powerful online applications ideally suited for education, entertainment, e-commerce, and online retail etc.

Interactivity is achieved through the use of Action Script, the core language of Flash Player that is based on the ECMA Script standard. Our Flex Application Development comes with a set of user interface components including buttons, list boxes, trees, data grids, several text controls, and various layout containers. Charts and graphs are available as an add-on. Other features like web services drag and drop, modal dialogs, animation effects, application states, form validation, and other interactions round out the application framework.

Unlike page-based HTML applications, Flex applications provide a state of client where significant changes to the view don't require loading a new page. Similarly, Flex and Flash Player provide many useful ways to send and load data to and from server-side components without requiring the client to reload the view.

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