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Flash/Flex Component Development

Flash/Flex developer development at Nextgen Technologies is well organized in its work methods and capable to create a component library to assist themselves as well as other developer community by and large. Our Flash/Flex developers consider following features during their component development:

  • Custom components have clear definition, purpose and usefulness.
  • Have custom icon for the component so make easy to understand and unique.
  • They pick always right packages. Means they create subjective composition and treat each case based on their merits and requirements.
  • Our API is public one. Our developer provides greater scope of accessible channels to aid other developer when integrating their components.
  • Our developer packages their customized components in a smart format called SWC (swick) rather than zip/rar. This offers couple of benefits like you can avoid supply a manifest file as happens in command line compiler and you can omit certain components from an SWC if you intend to. Another benefit is SWC allow you to test and make live preview in designer view. Usually you might experience problem while you try to switch from code view to design view.

The above all described features directly or indirectly benefits to you in sense of Flash/Flex development for your ambitious project and make it developed faster, easier for your users and robust in appearance and technology. Our developers had kept ready the following widgets/components which are dynamic in nature to enhance your entire project:

  • Video Player
  • Image Gallery
  • Virtual Tour
  • Music Player
  • 3d UI widgets (by PaperVision 3d)

Our developers provide either XML base integration which accomplish with IMXML object creation or server side scripting that we achieve through direct alteration in scripts.

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