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Java Development

Java is an object oriented language with a syntax that is very similar to that of C++. The important features of the language from a security standpoint are the use of access control for variables and methods within classes, the safety of the type system, the lack of pointers as a language data type, the use of garbage collection (automatic memory de-allocation), and the use of packages with distinct namespaces.

The Java Development at Nextgen Technologies is robust experience in Java web Development with CMS. The Java Development at Nextgen Technologies provides executable content. The user, instead of just choosing and observing various types of content, is enabled to participate in the creation of what is observed. Like the FAST Expeditions, the Java Development at Nextgen Technologies enables the transmission of directives for building images (or other media) rather than a pixel-by-pixel image. Thus transmission times are short. Quick transmission of the building blocks of content enables "real-time" interaction between user and content. Some examples: Our Java applets can create:

Nextgen Technologies offers Application:

  • Animations that tumble or slide across the user's browser.
  • Banners with moving text.
  • Games that the user controls.
  • 3D renderings.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Graphics based on computation of data (with alternatives chosen by the user).
  • Continuous feedback to the user.
  • Interactive spreadsheets.
  • Kits that allow the user to paint on an image.

Nextgen Technologies use following Java technologies for Java Development / Java CMS Solution:

  • Java EE- Java Enterprise Edition
  • Java SE-standard edition:
  • J2ME-Java 2 Micro Edition or Java ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition)
  • JVM- Java Virtual Machine:
  • JSP : Java Server Pages

Java EE- Java Enterprise Edition:

The Java Development at Nextgen Technologies additionally offers packages for Server programming too; with its latest Java EE- Java Enterprise Edition. Our developers customized Java SDK containing Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server and you would have the server with the functionality at par in experience for your patrons.

Java SE-standard edition:

The Java Development at Nextgen Technologies can developed highly portable applications by utilizing its Java SE-standard edition developments for general use. We in practical develops virtual machine, which must be used to run Java programs, together with a set of libraries (or "packages") needed to allow the use of file systems, networks, graphical interfaces, and so on, from within those programs. Thus and thus our Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktops and servers, as well as today's demanding embedded and Real-Time environments.

J2ME-Java 2 Micro Edition or Java ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition):

The Java Development team at Nextgen Technologies has certified collection of Java APIs for the development of software for tiny, small and resource-constrained devices. Target devices range from industrial control and automotive devices to cell phones and set-top boxes. In short our team can provide you customized phoneme for your phone devices developments including Mobile, iPhone and other portable devices.

JVM- Java Virtual Machine:

Computer has its own instruction set and it varies with OS and type of processors. When a code written for one particular OS or platform it is not necessary to work with others means if it won’t work then its non-compatible and if it works than it is compatible. Java compiler generates Java Virtual Machine codes. This JVM codes or Java byte codes are architecturally neutral and can be executable on any system or platform where JVM (interpreter) installed. Thus Java is a portable language and we can carry it on any machine of the world where JVM is installed. In fact, Java provides three distinct types of portability: source code portability, CPU architecture portability, and OS/GUI portability.


JSP or Java Server Pages is a Java technology that allocates developers to dynamically create HTML, XML or other kind of web pages.

Nextgen Technologies offers you to hire Java Developers and also whole team of java Web Development. You can hire our dedicated developers for better efficiency. We are the Pioneer in the Java Development, Java CMS Solution, Java Application Development, and Web Development Services in India and Our worldwide Clients from Each and Every County are really gratification with our Java Development Services our purpose to serve you quality Java Application Development.

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