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PHP Application Development

PHP Application development is intrinsic part of the web world. If you want to develop an interactive and highly responsive shopping cart, web application and any other web portal to augment your online business then you will find PHP web Application development, indispensable. PHP is most popular scripting language that is used in creation of wide range of web applications and websites. It would not be wrong to say that PHP rules the web development industry because of its outstanding features.

Custom PHP Web Application Development @ Nextgen Technologies

Nextgen Technologies is neck-deep in PHP open source development and with decade long experience under its belt, the company offers exceptional website/shopping cart and custom web application development services to global clientele. Our expert PHP developers deftly utilize the below mentioned salient features of PHP programming language to create codes for your website and web applications.

  • PHP is highly extensible which makes it quite easy for PHP programmers/developers to bring about high degree of customization in the web application development process.
  • PHP is open source; hence the cost of web development is less.
  • PHP development enjoys support of world wide PHP developer community, so there is free expert advice available, which helps the developers to easily tackle even complex PHP application development problems.
  • Offers very stable programming platform, which allows developers to build robust, scalable and reliable web applications that perform well, even during peak Internet traffic loads.
  • PHP handles well the security issues, hence PHP web applications are safe and secure.
  • PHP application development has high compatibility because it is nicely supported by other platforms like Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, etc.
  • Facilitates rapid application development.
  • Updated and new PHP versions are regularly available, which allow PHP developers to add more functionalities/features in their PHP applications.

Why Would You Hire Nextgen Technologies?

Nextgen Technologies is one of the leading PHP application development companies in India. It offers en-to-end web solutions from its ODC. A decade long experience in PHP web development empowers it to deliver you cutting-edge PHP software development solutions at very competitive prices. Following are the reasons, which make Nextgen Technologies your desirable PHP application development vendor:

  • Rich pool of talented PHP developers, who devise innovative web solutions for you.
  • Fully- fledged ODC, which delivers you custom web application as very competitive prices.
  • Our employees strictly follow all the international data protection rules so that privacy of your data is never compromised.
  • Delivers high quality web applications/portals within stipulated time
  • Flexible hiring options that allow you to hire PHP developers as per your budget and project requirement. As a result you cut down the development cost of your project
  • Flawless after-sales technical support for PHP applications developed by us, so that you do not face any problems in case of application failure.

Scope of PHP Application Development Services @ Nextgen Technologies

Nextgen Technologies provides wide range of PHP web application development services, to its global clientele. The services are not restricted to below mentioned areas, but extend beyond them.

  • Custom Online trading portals and Shopping cart development
  • Finance and business applications for e-commerce purpose
  • Social media applications
  • Customized CMS and CRM development
  • iPhone application development
  • iPad application development
  • Rich Internet Applications( RIAs) for greater user experience
  • Custom website design and development

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