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Nextgen Technologies

Nextgen Technologies is a provider of single-point revenue collection, billing, e-Care and e-Analytics solution for the next generation of communication and network service providers. Nextgen Advanced Analytics combined with complete billing solution can help service providers analyze and maximize revenue streams, provide a higher level of customer service and make informed and timely decisions.
Out of the box, the solution can effectively handle the following types of Analytics: Orders, Revenue, and Customers. The Nextgen system maintains a variety of business information and it persists this data in a secure Relational Database. The Nextgen collects the network data, rates the data according to the plan or service, bills for it and gathers intelligence from all the transactions occurring on a day to day basis to increase revenue and reduce customer churn.
The goal is to deliver relevant information in real time to those who need it - from customer representatives who need to know current active customer accounts to the power user management who analyze large volumes of data stored in a transactional database ensuring complete information security. Information security encompasses row-level data security (access and view). The key components of the NextVantage Business Intelligence and Analytics application are described below along with NextVantage scope defined in context.
The key components of the Nextgen Business Intelligence and Analytics application are described below along with Nextgen scope defined in context.

1.1 Reporting Data Warehouse (RDW)
The Data Warehouse is the foundation on which the Nextgen reporting applications are based. It organizes this information around facts and supports easy standard and multi dimensional analysis. It maintains historical data to facilitate trends analysis and OLAP reporting. A Reporting DW Publication Engine needs to be built utilizing the same transactional backend processing architecture, that translates the OLTP model and publishes the operational data to the Reporting DW on a configurable periodic basis, which is determined by the currency requirements of the reporting data.

1.2 Report Templates using Reporting Tool
NextVantage will have bundled in, a variety of ready to run Standard report and query Templates for the various vertical markets. These would be assigned to various audiences with related access grants specified, via the Report Publication Engine User Interface. There will also be EIS Dashboards associated with each audience that would form the integrated single point-reporting interface for the user on the web.

1.3 Report Publication Engine
The Report Publication Engine automates scheduled report processing and report notification, and enables the distribution of the results via the Web, e-mail, networks and printers. This broadcast style reporting is flexible and is very useful for publishing pre-run Standard Reports or Alerts to a large pre-specified audience via the abovementioned media. The reports can be scheduled to be processed based on date, time, or an event.


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