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Social Media Integration

Customers and prospects engage with your brand across a variety of social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Community forums, and others). Companies without an integrated social media engagement strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity.

To help companies leverage and integrate social media networks into their marketing and customer support programs, Nextgen Technologies has developed a Social Media implementation and integration framework.


Social Media Solutions for Social media integration, deployment and managment

Social Media Solution

Nextgen Technologies's social media solutions practice brings together an integrated set of technology frameworks and tools delivered by our consulting practice, and provides the following social media integration, deployment, and management services:

  • Social Media Integration - provide companies with an integrated framework for efficiently managing content aggregation, publishing and monitoring across networks and align the deployment of tools with the specific nature of a company’s business
  • Enterprise Integration - links social analytics with existing CRM and BI tools. Provide on-going support for content development and community building initiatives
  • Data Analytics and Decision Support Services - is a managed service for multiple social media channel monitoring and reporting
  • Inshore Service Delivery Operations – Inshore delivery combines efficient operations management with investments in local talent development, enabling tight integration and alignment of resources unavailable in globally deployed teams.

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