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WEB 2.0 Development India

Web 2.0 is Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software. The core part of web 2.0 development is tableless design which includes DHTML, XHTML and CSS.

At Nextgen Technologies with web 2.0 standards we give user to say “you control your own data” and offer our clients to core competencies in the services not in packaged software, architecture of participations, cost effective scalability, make able to remix data source and data transformations, software above the level of single device and harnessing collective intelligence.

We design, develop, test and then execute Web 2.0 Design and Development Services to our clients. Our developers have developed wide range of successful applications using web 2.0 concepts.

The Web 2.0 tools we use the most:
Our developers and programmers use Rich Internet applications like Dynamic Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR, AJAX and many more.

Dynamic flash: Action script 2.0 is an Object-Oriented language, allowing the use of CSS, XML and the design of class-based web applications. Server-Side Action Script, which is used to develop efficient and flexible client-server Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX applications.

Flex: Flex applications provide a different taste to client to where significant changes in the view don't require loading a new page.

Adobe Integrated Runtime:
Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications.
AIR applications can operate offline, and then activate further functionality or upload data when an active Internet connection becomes available.


Ajax, it refers specifically to the following technologies:
  • XHTML and CSS for presentation.
  • The Document Object Model for dynamic display of and interaction with data.
  • XML and XSLT for the interchange and manipulation of data.
  • The XML-http-Request object for asynchronous communication and JavaScript to bring these technologies together

We are equipped to develop Web 2.0 at following levels:


Applications, the most "Web 2.0"-oriented, exist only on the Internet, deriving their effectiveness from the inter-human connections and from the network effects that Web 2.0 makes possible and growing in effectiveness in proportion as people make more use of them. For instance eBay, Wikipedia,†Skype, and Ad Sense.


Applications can operate offline but gain advantages from going online. Like Flickr, this benefits from its shared photo-database and from its community-generated tag database.


Applications operate offline but gain features online. We can point to iTunes (because of its music-store portion).


Applications work as well offline as online. The example is Google Maps.

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